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Posted on / Dr. Susan Wilder

Stepping up for Healthy LifeStars StepAThon

A child born in America has a shorter life expectancy than one born in most other developed nations. Diets full of sugars and highly processed foods, inactivity, excess screen time, environmental toxins, and poor sleep are driving epidemics of inflammation, metabolic dysfunction, and obesity, beginning in our children.

Over 80% of Americans now have metabolic dysfunction, linked to high blood sugar, inflammation, pain, depression, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and dementia risk.

Metabolic dysfunction contributed to our dismal covid mortality and, starting in 2014, THE WORST decline in life expectancy among economically-advanced countries.

We can each play a part in a healthier future.

We cannot delegate our health to our schools, our doctors, our health plans or our government. We each have the power to make healthier choices – we just need the education, inspiration, tools, and empowerment.

About Healthy LifeStars

Healthy LifeStars has helped tens of thousands of children over the past two decades learn how to make healthier choices in an unhealthy world.

So, I am doing something about it. I am “stepping up” to support Healthy LifeStars and their programs to motivate and educate kids to make good choices and live active healthy lives.

Will you “step up” with me?  I am asking for your support in a week-long virtual  StepAThon™. It is a friendly, competition that challenges individuals, families and teams to see who can take the most steps and raise the most money! 

You can Step or you can Donate or you can do both. To further help the team you can "spread the word" and ask your family, friends and colleagues to participate also. 


Hope you will join me. Click here and follow the simple steps to get involved now!



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