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Meet Haley Cloud: Healthy Kitchen, Healthy Life Workshop

Attend our Thursday, January 9th Healthy Kitchen, Heathy Life Workshop with very special guest host, Haley Cloud. [Register to Attend]

Haley Cloud is the founder of Living Raw By Grace and author of 15 UnCookBooks with over 450 fast, easy, healthy and delicious recipes. She has coached over 4,000 people from over 13 countries to a healthier path and has taught over 900 classes nation-wide. Haley has transformed not only the lives of others but inspires with her own health transformation of losing 130 pounds and eliminating the need for over 13 daily medications. Living Raw By Grace holds classes and offers one-on-one counseling to equip you with recipes that are healthy, simple, and inexpensive.

Learn more about the healing properties of fruits and vegetables at this month's Healthy Kitchen, Healthy Life Workshop joined by Haley. LifeScape's Functional Dietitian, Dana Bosselmann will come together with our guest host to make delicious, yet incredibly simple dishes.

Are you interested in learning how to lose weight permanently, how to cure chronic diseases, and how to feel and look your best? Come to the workshop, learn a new recipe, ask all the questions you can think of and be inspired to become a healthier you!

This month's Healthy Kitchen, Healthy Life Workshop will focus on Detoxification: 
1.  Detoxification: Why it's necessary and how it improves our health
2.  Juicing: The Pros & Cons
3.  Blending: The Pros & Cons
4.  Raw Food: The every day detoxing
6.  Recipes, tips and tricks to detoxify yourself!

Attend our monthly Healthy Kitchen, Healthy Life Workshops 

LifeScape's Functional Dietitian, Dana Bosselmann, leads the workshop along with guest hosts to help participants discover how to reverse chronic conditions with food as medicine and truly thrive!

>> Register to Attend <<

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