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Dr. Susan Wilder at Healthy LifeStars Step Up 4 Kids Celebration

This November, our own leader of concierge medicine, Dr. Susan Wilder, had the pleasure of being Honoree of the Year at the Step Up 4 Kids Celebration. Watch the video below to see her incredible...

Dr. Wilder Discusses Whole Health on Turning Stones Show

Dr. Wilder joins the Turning Stones Show to discuss Whole Health: Thriving Spiritually and Physically. Learn about how she advises patients to be responsible for their health and take action to be...

[Get Rid Of Extra Fat Safely] How We Help Moms With Weight Loss

LifeScape Premier was featured on Sonoran Living Live to discuss the benefits of medical aesthetics and the concierge medicine model.

3 Healthy Habits That Can Become Dangerous

When it comes to healthy habits, moderation is key. It's so easy to over do it.

3 Effective Home Cold and Flu Remedies, The List TV

Looking for a more natural way to cure your cold and flu? Dr. Susan Wilder met up with The List to make a throat soothing popsicle, homemade cough/cold syrup, and DIY vapor rub.

4 Foods That Get Healthier After You Cook Them, The List TV

Lately the "raw food" diet has been very popular because people assume produce is healthiest when it's raw. But that's not always the case. Some fruits and vegetables actually get healthier once...

Dr. Wilder - A 2016 'Top Doc'

Dr. Wilder was announced to the list of 2016 Top Doctors in Concierge Medicine by Concierge Medicine Today.

Preventing Child Abduction: MASK Magazine, Fall 2015

We tell our kids all the time, "Don't talk to strangers." But how much time have you really spent explaining to your child what they should do if they ever find themselves in a dangerous situation?

Making Time for Healthy Choices: MASK Magazine, Summer 2015

How many times do you tell yourself, "Oh, I don't have time for ________ (exercise, cooking healthy, etc.)." You're not alone. But there's ways to change that!

Handling Stress: MASK Magazine, Spring 2015

Stressed? Overwhelmed? Don't let stress affect your health. Dr. Wilder is featured in MASK Magazine's Spring 2015 issue. Read her advice for dealing with stress.