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Announcing the Healthy Kitchen, Healthy You Club

The pandemic created a number of shifts in our daily living that have heavily influenced our diets and nutrition. A significant increase in the number of individuals working from home, and months-long stay-at-home orders have forced many of us to become better acquainted with our kitchens and home cooking skills - or more familiar with our local delivery options.

If you’re like many of the individuals in LifeScape’s community, you’ve done your best to cook healthier meals from home. And while anything is easy to do for a few days, keeping consistency is difficult, especially when doing it alone.

You may feel fatigued, and static with your nutrition, tired of the same meals repeated each week and wanting to make a change to a healthier, and more nutrition-focused lifestyle, but unsure where to begin. 

This is where LifeScape comes in!

We’re proud to announce the launch of Healthy Kitchen, Healthy You Club, an online program and community for anyone seeking to refine their healthy cooking skills, discover new and exciting recipes and expand their knowledge on healthy eating alongside like-minded individuals. 

What is the Healthy Kitchen, Healthy You Club?

Led by Dana Bosselmann, Certified Integrative & Functional Dietitian, the Healthy Kitchen, Healthy You Club is an exclusive nutrition and cooking program offered to both LifeScape members and non-members. 

“​​I am so pleased to launch this virtual exploration of ways to nourish ourselves and those we love. By coming together in this space, we're here to inspire, uplift and support each and every member,” shared Dana about bringing the new program to life.

The program includes a participant portal with access to numerous resources updated monthly such as nutritious and easy recipes, live community sessions, grocery shopping lists and more. 

Additionally Healthy Kitchen, Healthy You Club members will become part of an online community where participants can support each other in their nutrition and cooking journey.

About Dana Bosselmann, Culinary Translator for Healthy Kitchen, Healthy You

Dana is a highly accomplished nutrition and health professional practicing the art and science of this field for over 20 years. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Science from Arizona State University, a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from Northern Arizona University, is a licensed massage therapist from the Scottsdale Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy and has been trained as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach. A major recent milestone in her career was achieving board certification from the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy, making her the perfect leader for the Healthy Kitchen, Healthy You Club. 

Her areas of interest include functional nutrition, lifestyle wellness, food and exercise, autoimmune disorders, and food as medicine which are reflected in the recipes featured in this exclusive online program.

"Food is truly the foundation of health. It brings us together during the best & most challenging of times. When prepared with intention, it feeds our mind, body & soul"
- Dana Bosselmann, Functional Dietitian

Benefits You’ll Enjoy

When you become a member of the Healthy Kitchen Healthy You Club, you are taking an important first step towards bettering your overall health. It’s no secret that the benefits of becoming a healthier individual are truly countless, from improved cognitive function and better sleep to a happier gut and mind. 

When joining this inclusive community, you will gain the support of not only Dana, but the Healthy Kitchen Healthy You Club community, to motivate and inspire you on your journey. In addition to gaining support, you will also receive all the tools you need to build long-lasting healthy habits that fuel you to reach your highest potential.  

Partnering with a nutritionist can be costly, and not everyone is in a place to afford individualized and customized guidance. Many of the same great benefits from these services can be achieved for a $14.99 monthly membership with the Healthy Kitchen, Healthy You Club. 


Your monthly membership includes:

  • Access to Dana Bosselmann through live monthly sessions and moderator for group online conversations
  • A library of resources including insightful articles on topics from selecting the healthiest oils for cooking, to how to stock your pantry for quick and nourishing meals 
  • Recipes from the Culinary Institute of America
  • Expert advice on kitchen essentials, best ingredients, food procurement options and more
  • Educational guides for organic vs conventional foods, GMO foods, how to ferment your food and more
  • How to videos and tips that are easy to follow and replicate 
  • Community conversations to discuss all culinary related topics with fellow community members

Join the Club Today 

Take the first steps towards improving your overall health and sign up for the Healthy Kitchen, Healthy You Club! We are so excited for you to join our whole foods focused online community.

Join the Club

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