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Posted on / Dr. Susan Wilder

Unleashing Vibrant Health

Nothing inspires us more than your brilliant health breakthroughs.

While witnessing the aftermath of poor choices is devastating. As Dr. David Park, Intensive Care Specialist, said, “the trauma ICU is filled by man’s cruelty to man; the medical ICU by man’s cruelty to himself.” A healthcare system emphasizing rescue over prevention, swooping in to heal you AFTER disease manifests, fails….penny wise & pound foolish.

Fortunately, we hold the keys to our chronic disease shackles and together we can work toward unlocking them. We are all works in progress, tacking our sailboats toward an unreachable horizon of perfect health. To get us closer to that destination, here are the key ingredients for health transformation:

  • Ditch the Pill-for-an-Ill Paradigm - we’ll do our best not to throw a pill at every symptom if you’ll suspend seeking a quick fix.
  • You’re the Star - we are the supporting cast here to enlighten, inspire, nudge, empower, & encourage. You own the heavy lifting of health transformation.
  • Know your numbers – a transformation from passive victim to proactive warrior requires owning your data. Know that “normal” is not “optimal.” You owe yourself high standards.
  • Get vulnerable – if you’ve never laughed or cried or gotten angry at a medical visit, you aren’t going deep enough. Respect means we owe you honesty, especially when you’re not ready to hear it.
  • Acknowledge your crutches  –the solutions to a long vibrant life do not reside in a bottle.

  • Embrace the dark – stop numbing painful emotions. Let’s face your fears & your demons head-on. Bring it.
  • Quit lying – tell the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth. Get your labs done on your real-world diet. No one can help you with fiction.
  • You choose – whether you schedule a physical, prepare, ask questions, set goals, and engage in action steps. Your body, your life, your time, and your priorities rule.
  • Eat the Elephant – small habit changes, deployed religiously, have a massive impact.

By combining these key ingredients you can take large steps towards achieving optimal health and a happier, healthier you. 


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