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What to Expect as a LifeScape Concierge Patient [Summary]

For those who only need to visit their local clinic for minor colds once a year, finding the best, most thorough, experienced and dedicated medical care team may not be a priority. But if you or your...

LifeScape’s Direct Primary Care Program: Care You Can Trust

Choosing a primary care provider can be difficult - there are so many options, styles, and locations. How do you know you’re getting the direct primary care that will truly address your specific...

Tips on Wellness from Dr. Laurie Pozun, DO [Interview]

Dr. Laurie Pozun is more than just your typical family medicine practitioner.

2019 Best Choice for Family Care: LifeScape Medical Associates

You’ve probably heard about our excellent concierge medicine, nutrition, fitness, and aesthetics services. But did you know that we also offer traditional family practice medicine as well? LifeScape...

Improve Brain Health with LifeScape’s Healthy Brain Initiative

Our brains do everything for us. In fact, it is arguably the most important organ in the human body. It controls our body movements, our reactions, allows us to think and feel. It’s highly complex...

Brilliant Health Breakthroughs Giveaway

Life can be incredibly tough at times. Sometimes, it can take a little support to get the emotional or mental fuel you need to find direction and meaning in challenging moments.

We're Changing Our Hours!

In order to better accommodate the availability of our patients we have decided to make changes to our schedule and operation.