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Posted on / Val Ziske, FNP

The Benefits of Exercise from Val Ziske, FNP

We all know that exercise is good for us. But, do you truly know the amazing benefits it provides to your body?

From physical gains to improved cognitive function, incorporating just 30 minutes of exercise into your daily routine can greatly improve your overall sense of well-being, and help lower your biological age. 

In this blog post I've broken down the impressive benefits of exercise to further reinforce how important it is to make time to move your body daily. 

The benefits of exercise include:

Improves Sleep

  • Helps our bodies relax more efficiently

  • Improves quality of sleep

  • Regulates our circadian (sleep/wake) cycle (outdoor activity specifically)

Improves Energy

  • Increases delivery of oxygen and nutrients in our bodies tissues and cells
  • Improves circulation and physical endurance for daily activities

Enhances Brain Function, Focus + Memory

  • Stimulates blood flow and circulation to the brain

  • Stimulates the production of new brain cells and reduces inflammation in the brain

Reduces Stress, Improves Mood

  • Increases brain chemicals that boost mood, lower stress, and improve anxiety

Enhances Mobility, Balance + Strength

  • Improves balance and strength

  • Reduces fall risk as we age

Manages/Prevents Chronic Health Conditions

  • Stabilizes blood sugar and prevents diabetes

  • Improves circulation, heart health, and lowers blood pressure

  • Decreases stroke risk

  • Helps to combat the health risks of sitting/desk work

  • Helps manage chronic pain

For me, I particularly enjoy incorporating physical activity into my daily routines with my family. Cultivating an active family culture is a priority in our household.

Exercise With Lifescape

Our fitness center is equipped with everything you need to reach your fitness goals and start experiencing the benefits of exercise, including free weights, medicine balls, TRX bands, Bosu balls, resistance bands, and our Fit3D body scanner.

If you need help implementing exercise into your daily routine, partner with Jodi Stokes, LifeScape's Fitness Expert, and enroll in one of our fitness programs

Join LifeScape Concierge Care 

With Concierge Care at LifeScape, we treat you as a whole person. Our functional and integrative approach takes into consideration your history, genetic risks, and lifestyle, to get to the roots of your conditions and solve them in a holistic way.

Our comprehensive suite of medical services, including telemedicine visits, is offered by the best doctors in Arizona and unparalleled staff. Achieve peace of mind in your health, with a true partner in your care.








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