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Dr. Wilder Named 2017 Outstanding Woman In Business

Dr. Wilder has done it again! She's accumulated numerous awards over the course of her career, and most recently she was named a 2017 Outstanding Woman In Business by the Phoenix Business Journal....

We're Changing Our Hours!

In order to better accommodate the availability of our patients we have decided to make changes to our schedule and operation.

Why Veggies & Fruits?

As I sit down with yet another patient who has several deficiencies on their Spectracell Micronutrient test* I am once again answering the age-old question of “Why do you keep telling me to eat my...

Why Am I Always Tired?

Do you ever have those weeks where you find yourself asking, “Why am I always tired?”

Lose Weight Fast for Spring Break

Moms all over the country are anxiously awaiting the day their kids are off of school for spring break because it also means one more thing: bikini season is officially back.

Mindfulness & a More Fulfilling Life

Do you ever have days where you simply just cannot focus? Days where you let your mind and your thoughts become victims of the constant distractions around you? Always feeling pulled in a million...

Sugar Isn't So Sweet

When a group of middle school children saw their teacher pour 16 teaspoons of sugar out of a 20 oz soda container they were shocked. It turns out that that 16 teaspoons of sugar is almost 3 times as...

Managing Anxiety: 3 Simple Steps to Big Change

Anxiety is one of the more difficult conditions to deal with. If you suffer from severe anxiety and anxiety attacks it can be frustrating because many people don’t understand what you’re going...