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Training for Your Centenarian Olympics

I love this concept of training for 100+ years from Dr. Peter Attia, a biohacker we follow who brilliantly researches and spells out the best ways for us to help you optimize your health!

Considering A Lip Filler? Read This First!

Gone are the days of over-plumped, fake-looking duck lips (thank goodness!). Advancements in lip injectable fillers have come a long way in recent years. Fillers now allow for a much softer,...

Concierge Pediatric Care: Investing in Premier Care for Your Family

No doubt you treasure your family’s health but are you letting your insurance dictate it? Do you value overall wellness over symptom relief? Do you appreciate a proactive approach to your family’s...

Disease Prevention: Preventative Care with Concierge Care

If you have expressed your concerns to your medical professional and feel like no one is listening, prescriptions are being thrown at your symptoms and no one is even searching for the root cause...

At Home Body Treatments for Silky Smooth Skin

Check out LifeScape Aesthetic's favorite at-home body treatments for silky smooth skin!

Antibiotic Use in Women Associated with an Increase in Cardiovascular and Stroke Risk

A study that included nearly 36,500 women was published in the European Heart Journal in April 2019. It found that women aged 60 or older who took antibiotics for two months or more had the...

Cellulite Treatment: What Really Works?

Who doesn’t hate cellulite?! The lumps and dimples on our thighs, buttocks, and even abdomen area are a universal complaint among women, and the search for a cure seems to be endless.

RestoreU METHOD for Memory Loss

As an innovative and wellness-minded practice focused on prevention, LifeScape - in conjunction with Sonora Quest Labs - is excited to offer an incredibly advanced personalized medicine tool to...

Are These 5 Toxic Ingredients in Your Makeup & Skin Care Products?

Did you know that the average American woman puts an average of 168 chemicals on her body every single day without even knowing it? And 60 percent of what we are putting onto our skin is absorbed...

Meet Haley Cloud: Healthy Kitchen, Healthy Life Workshop

Attend our Thursday, January 9th Healthy Kitchen, Heathy Life Workshop with very special guest host, Haley Cloud. [Register to Attend]