Injectables & Skin Rejuvenation at LifeScape Premier

No more searching for the fountain of youth. We’ve found it for you!

Wrinkles? Fine lines? Dark spots? Be gone!

LifeScape Premier has a whole suite of facials and injectables designed to give you beautiful, younger-looking skin.

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Skin Rejuvenation

Dry skin, uneven skin tone, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and wrinkles are no match for our skin rejuvenation treatments.

No matter your skin insecurities, our comprehensive suite of facials and treatments has the solution for you.

Our aesthetician will conduct a complete skin evaluation in order to suggest the best regimen for you!

You’ll leave the clinic looking younger and feeling relaxed!

  • Fotofacial
  • Sublative Rejuvenation
  • Chemical Peels
  • VI Peel
  • Oxygenating Trio Treatment
  • Anti-Aging Rejuvenation Facial
  • Dermaplaning
  • Collagen Induction Therapy


Want to get rid of frown lines, wrinkles and folds? Or perhaps you wish you had fuller lips and cheeks? LifeScape Premier offers injectables that will give you the look you want, while maintaining a natural appearance.

We’re proud to offer a wide selection of injectables and fillers that can help you achieve the look you want in a way that looks and feels good..

LifeScape Premier is also one of few Scottsdale providers to offer PRP treatments, a special treatment that utilizes your own platelet-rich plasma. Ask about it today!

Laser Hair Treatment

We all have unwanted hair, and unfortunately, temporary hair removal can be kind of a pain…literally! Shaving can cause razor burn, waxing is no walk on the beach, and hair removal creams don’t always leave you with desired results…

Ditch the old hair removal and opt for laser hair treatments! Whether it’s your upper lip, cheeks, chin, neck, breasts, stomach, arms, shoulders, bikini areas, legs or back, laser hair treatments can help your silky smooth skin shine through.